At what cost?

Published by Marketing Team on the 23rd Nov 2018

Price. What is cheapest? Can I get a good deal? Who is the cheapest online? Won't this cheaper part be just as good?......

This is a tough subject for many businesses in the current market. Everyone wants the best value for money, and quite rightly so. BUT, with a "right tool for the job" ethos, you have to look at pricing completely differently and look further and wider to see the bigger picture. The inital cost of a workstation you use to earn a living is completely irellvant. To gain an accurate picture of the ACTUAL 'Cost' of your workstation we must look into the future to a point in time 4 years from now and ask the following questions:

How many times has this machine crashed?

How many times has this machine failed an 8 hour render 7 hours into it and had to be restarted?

How many times has this machine lost my work/ data?

How many times did a component fail and need replacing?

If a component failed, how long did i have to wait for a replacement?

Whilst waiting for that replacement, how many man hours did I lose and how much money have these delays and losses cost my business?

Did these issues and delays harm my reputation and customer relationships?


This isn't a list of doomsaying negativity. Its simply a list of very serious issues/ considerations as to WHY professional and enterprise grade hardware exists. Playing Call Of Duty for a few hours of an evening is not mission critical. If your gaming PC suddenly fails, the outcome is simply that you can't play games for a while until you get it fixed. The sun will rise and set and the world keeps spinning. Professional workstation and server hardware is a completely different beast.

When you rely on a machine to keep your business running, there is a potential for every minute, hour or day of downtime to be costing you thousands of pounds. Maybe even millions if you are in the finance sector. The initial expenditure on the machine pales into insignificance when we focus on looking at what the actual cost to the business is over a 3-5 year period of service.

Downtime = £ lost

Uptime = Lack of Downtime

Lack of Downtime = £ saved through increased productivity yielding a rapid ROI which usually EASILY covers the initial investment LONG before the system reaches the end of it's usable life. Basically the system you'd expect to use for around 3 years will have paid for itself in the first 12 months. Add to that the financial benefits of building a solid reputation for service, punctuality and reliability and it's easy to see the value proposition of proper, professional equipment.

We will never promise to be the cheapest or the 'best deal' out there until we have discussed your exact needs. What we will promise is a true workstation. A tool for your job that won't let you down. If it does (lets be honest, any man made component can fail at some point) then rest assured that the enterprise grade components we use all carry an enterprise grade warranty replacement SLA. This means you'll be back up and running usually within 24 hours....there will be no "please allow upto 28 days for repair/ replacement" with any of our kit.

We are not interested in being 'the cheapest online' - we are not interested in being 'the best deal' because these yard sticks only measure and take into account the initial cost. Our sole interest is in providing you with a rock solid, perfectly suited tool for you to run your business with. We let your needs dictate the specification and the initial cost is always very reasonably based on the cost of those components used for the solution. That's it!

Tools, NOT Toys.

Our Partnerships

Published by Marketing Team on the 4th Nov 2018

We firmly believe that the way to success is paved with successful partnerships. Not only with customers, but with suppliers and vendors. We have excellent relationships with all the major UK and North European official distributors for the major computer and I.T. related global leading brands. In addition to this we are also registered partners with many of these leading manufacturers directly via their partner programmes. Many of these programmes are qualifcatory. You don't just get given partner status & membership. In order to get, and maintain, approved partner status and membership, we have to have staff in the business who have passed the required training curriculums and passed the assessment. We also get other benefits such as access to technical information, priority stock, more training and assistance with events and exhibitions but the main benefit here is to YOU...the customer. When dealing with official approved partners you are guaranteed to receive genuine product, proper warranties, the best technical support and the best pre-sales help and advice from staff who have been properly trained and assessed by the manufacturer of the product in question.

Over the years we have forged, and maintain, excellent partner programme relationships with the following vendors:


We are an NVIDIA Preferred Partner for Pro-Visualisation. This centres around NVIDIA's Quadro and Tesla professional cards used in a wide variety of graphics applications and we sort our website into these categories as well as by the pro software packages that run them. We have qualified & certified staff on hand to cover any NVIDIA pro product queries at all times, whether its a technical sales enquiry or any after sales technical query you may have. If we can't help, we have direct connections at NVIDIA who can.


We are an Intel Platinum Technology Provider Partner. Throughout our day to day, we use a huge range of intel products including servers, motherboards, RAID & HBA cards, Core Processors, Xeon Processors, network cards and barebone systems. Via intel's training we have staff who are thoroughly trained up on all these components and are happy to help with any help you may need in selecting the right tool for the job and what parts will work best for your needs.


Asus are world's number 1 motherboard manufacturer. As well as being famed for producing world class, record breaking gaming motherboards they also produce a massive range of 'tech' in general. From tablets & smartphones to laptops, keyboards and headphones. They also produce a rock solid range of workstation motherboards, server motherboards and server and workstation solutions. These products are produced under incredibly tight relationships with key technology companies such as intel & NVIDIA to ensure the utmost adherance to quality, functionality, compatibility and support. We are an Asus approved component retailer and system integration partner for graphics, workstation & server motherboards, barbones systems and complete solutions. We use the Asus "WS" Workstation motherboard range for all our workstations and offer the full Asus Professional monitor range with all our workstations.

PNY Technologies

PNY are NVIDIA's exclusive global partner for their range of Quadro professional graphics and Tesla compute cards. They are also an NVIDIA authorised Quadro VCA (Visual Computing Appliance) certified manufacturer and supplier for compute and A.I. systems. Their relationship with NVIDIA worldwide is second to none, providing absolute assurance of reliability of these products through a tight relationship built upon the best communication and strict procedures on consitency and component compliance. We are a PNY Authorised Partner for NVIDIA Quadro, Tesla, Servers, VCA and workstations.


Corsair have been a premium memory manufacturer for almost 25 years. They off ther best performing system RAM, the highest clock speeds and the lowest latencies, achieved with Intel XMP (Xtreme Memory Profile) partnerships to guarantee the best performance whilst remaining 100% stable, and under a lifetime warranty. For some years now, Corsair have built on this focus on quality to deliver a range of industry leading products including an excellent chassis range and class leading, rock solid power supplies which meet, and often exceed, the 80+ rating and industry standard. As a Corsair partner, we use their PSU's, RAM and liquid cooling systems in our workstations exclusively.

Western Digital

We are a Western Digital Silver Partner and have been supplying and installing WD HDD and SSD drives in our systems for the past decade. We supply their full range of notebook, desktop, server class drives, including the Gold datacentre class drives. We also extensively use the CCTV Purple and Red NAS drive ranges. Even with storage there is always a right tool for the job.

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