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Published by Marketing Team on the 14th Oct 2018

Who are we?

Founded in late 2018, Velocity WS is the workstation and HPC division of Server Case UK Group. As a company we have over 10 years’ experience in the server, datacentre, workstation and enterprise arena growing from a chassis distributor and reseller to an in house designer and manufacturer of bespoke server, workstation, DAS, SAN, and NAS solutions.

What does Velocity WS do?

Put simply, Tools rather than Toys. We design and build the finest professional workstations using premium, professional enterprise grade parts. No consumer parts, no gaming parts and no unbranded OEM parts. EVERYTHING that goes into a Velocity WS system is from trusted brands with first class support as workstation/ server grade. We understand the importance of uptime to your business and we will specify the tool for the job for your workflow above all else. Our expert technical team know the hardware inside out but, more importantly, also the software you use. Each system category has been tailored to ensure the best experience available with that particular area of DCC.

How do we do it?

With honesty, integrity and passion. Projects, and their successful completion, are what motivate us. Our bread and butter over the last few years has been collaborating with customers to deliver a tailor made server solution to match their specific needs. Conversations. Discussion. Ideas. Relationships. This is the way we do business. The closer our relationships are with our customers, the better the outcome of the finished project will be. Our new website is there as a quick reference to the machines suitable to excel in your workflows but is not an exhaustive list or configurator. We know what works best and do not want to befuddle or confuse. The site is a snapshot of what we do and what is possible and, whilst all the systems listed are well placed in each category and place in the range hierarchy, they are far from the be all, end all of workstations. What we'd really like is for customers to call us with their problems, questions, needs and wants.....and we'll take great pleasure in discussing all options and delivering on all counts.

Why are we?

When it comes to bespoke enterprise systems we firmly believe that we are the best at what we do. Having seen many companies selling "off the peg" workstations (often full of gaming/ consumer parts) we asked ourselves 'can we do it better?'....The answer was a resounding yes....so here we are. Our workstations are built from enterprise grade components designed for WORK......HARD WORK.....24/7 rendering and encoding in an 'always on' working environment. As a professional who relies on their equipment to earn a living you'll understand the importance of reliability and the peace of mind that, when you go to work, your tools are rock solid, ready, willing and able to get the job done first time, EVERY time. We promise to deliver this piece of mind with every system we create. It's pretty much all we care about and it's something we rarely struggle to achieve due to our stringent processes. Customer liaison, planning, specification, check and test, check and test. It’s a simple way of working. Things rarely go wrong if you deny them the opportunity to go wrong by planning, checking and testing properly. (more on testing in another blog.)

Where and when are we?

Based in the heart of Staffordshire just outside Burton Upon Trent, we are ideally placed for easy reach for the whole of the UK. We welcome any requests to visit to discuss your workstation project needs and all staff are highly trained in the fine art of hot beverage production. Our business hours are Monday - Friday, 09:00 to 17:30. Get in touch via phone, e-mail or social media. All links and information can be found on the website.

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Call us today on 01283 576849 to talk directly to one of our workstation specialists

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